School newsletters | January 15, 2016

Read our latest newsletter – Friday 15th January 2016

Highlights include:

  • Hook days reports and pictures
  • After-school clubs – spaces still available
  • Important dates – new INSET day for April

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General | January 15, 2016

Phone lines

We are aware that there is an issues with our phone lines this morning meaning that some callers have been unable to reach the office; instead they hear an engaged signal or are redirected to any free extension within the school. BT are currently working to resolve this issue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


General | January 14, 2016

INSET Day for April

An INSET day has been set for Monday 11th April 2016; the school will be open to staff only.

This means that pupils will be on Spring Break from Friday 24th March to Monday 11th April 2016, inclusively.

Pupils will be expected to return to school on Tuesday 12th April 2016.

School newsletters | January 8, 2016

Read our latest newsletter – Friday 8th January 2016

Highlights include:

  • Welcome back to the Spring Term
  • New after-school clubs
  • Award for academy council member

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General | December 16, 2015

Parking and road safety

We have received a number of complaints regarding car users parking on the pavements close to the school. Please walk to school if you can; it is good for you and your child/ren. If you must drive, please park sensibly in a designated space and not on pavements.

It is also helpful to remind you and your child/ren that:

  • Young children need to be taught how to cross the road safely;
  • Everyone needs to look both ways before crossing a road;
  • It is important to listen for cars and other vehicles;
  • It is helpful if parents/carers or older siblings hold the hand/s of younger children whilst on the pavement.

School newsletters | December 11, 2015

Read our latest newsletter – Friday 11th December 2015

Highlights include:

  • Changes to Extra-Curricular clubs – please read
  • Academy Council Next Meeting Monday 14th December
  • Important Dates

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School newsletters | December 4, 2015

Read our latest newsletter – Friday 4th December 2015

Highlights include:

  • Academy Council Next Meeting Monday 14th December
  • Important Dates
  • Book Awards event

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General | December 2, 2015

Gold Club development visit at Culloden Primary Academy

Challenging disadvantage in the Early Years

Event date: 18th November 2015

Senior leaders, EYFS coordinators and practitioners attended the development day which was led by the EYFS Assistant Principal, Nursery Manager and Reception Manager.

The day was to show how our school has developed an innovative practice in the Early Years. We showed how we support families and their children before they begin nursery. We explained the additional programmes we implement during holidays and interventions we provide to ensure pupils’ needs area being met.

In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to observe a range of lessons being taught in nursery and reception classes. This has a huge impact as the quality of teaching was deemed to be ‘outstanding’ when Ofsted inspected our school in July 2015.


The attendees were from various schools in London, such as Lambeth and Redbridge. There were a range of teachers, EYFS leaders and a head teacher who attended the development day.

The feedback from all attendees was very positive:

“The children are so school ready and the teaching and learning is so rich. The school has such lovely welcoming feel. Thank you for having us.”

“I value the opportunity to talk, ask questions and see teaching in action.”

“Great EYFS expertise throughout the phase, consistent outstanding teaching and a great assessment procedure to trace progress over time.”

“I found walking through the school and observing teaching to be valuable.”
All attendees stated that they would implement methodologies/approaches that they had experienced.

General | December 2, 2015

Winter Concert Dates

You are warmly invited to attend any or all of the following winter concerts:
  • EYFS Concert “A Frosty Christmas” on Monday 14th December at 2.30pm in the school hall
  • EYFS and KS1 winter concert at St Nicholas Church on Thursday 17th December at 11:30am
  • KS2 winter concert at School Hall on Thursday 17th December at 2pm

We hope to see you there.

School newsletters | November 30, 2015

Read our latest newsletter – Friday 27th November 2015

Highlights include:

  • Academy Council Next Meeting Monday 14th December
  • Lord Mayor’s Parade
  • Philosophy for Children day

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