Results for Summer 2017

Our end of year results across the school demonstrate that the achievement of our pupils is outstanding, especially when considered against the high proportion of pupils who enter our school with attainment that is low compared to age-related expectations.

Reception results

Pupils in Reception achieved higher than pupils nationally and pupils in schools locally compared to last year’s results. At least 75% of our pupils achieved a good level of development in all of the prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and in some areas the percentage of our pupils achieving a good level of development was over 80%.

  Expected LBTH
Reading 78% 72%
Writing 77% 71%
Numbers 86% 77%
Shape, space and Measures 84% 77%
GLD (Good level of Development) 76% 68%

Y1 Phonics Results:

Percentage of children who reached the pass mark: 81%


Key Stage 1 Results:

Expected Exceeding
Reading 82% 22%
Writing 77% 16%
Mathematics 84% 28%

Key Stage 2 Results:

School Nationally
Reading 75% 71%
Writing 86% 76%
English grammar, punctuation and spelling 92%
Mathematics 95% 75%
Reading, writing and mathematics 71% 61%
Reading, writing and mathematics – higher level 17% 5%
Reading average ‘scaled scores’ 105  104
Mathematics average ‘scaled scores’ 110  104

Key Stage 2 Progress Results:

School Nationally
Reading -1.1  0
Writing 0.3  0
Mathematics 4.1  0


These results are provisional until they are ratified in November.

Last updated September 7, 2017