Pupils who come to this school make exceptional progress, they leave school in year 6 with outstanding outcomes. This is due to the quality of teaching and overall provision.

Exceptional achievement

Pupils in nursery and reception reading above national expectations.

A year 1 pupil reading at the age of a 7 year old.

A year 2 pupil reading at the age of a 8 year old.

A year 3 pupil reading at the age of a 10 year old.

A year 4 pupil reading at the age of a 11 year old.

A year 5 and 6 pupil reading at the age of a 12 year old.

There are pupils throughout the school demonstrating the above in writing and mathematics too.

What we provide in addition to what is expected:

Full time places for all pupils in the nursery with additional staffing that gives a 1:7 ratio throughout nursery and reception.

Daily/weekly marking and feedback to pupils.

ICT access in school and at home – English, mathematics and other subjects.

A range of high quality experiences for educational visits to support learning.

Homework daily/weekly and during holiday periods.

A range of after school clubs, lunchtime clubs and holiday provision.

Home school support worker, attendance and welfare advisor, social worker, specialist speech and language therapist, learning mentor.

Nursery – home visits, visits to school in July, intervention in August, settling in activities, toilet training, groups to build confidence and to develop social skills, speech and language groups.

Reception – home visits for pupils new to our school, visits in summer term, higher ability mathematics and writing groups (focus on adjective and time connectives), interventions for boys to engage them in learning, holiday intervention programme February half term.

Year 1 – reading recovery for pupils who have not learnt to read (daily programme), mathematics booster.

Year 2 – reading partners weekly, teaching during spring break in mathematics, reading and writing.

Year 3/4/5 – mathematics intervention, reading intervention, booster groups, early morning and after school additional teaching, ICT club, homework club, residential school journey, additional teaching during spring break, pupil managers, school council after school.

Year 6 – additional teaching before school/after school/assembly/Saturday mornings for most pupils from January, small group teaching, 1:1 reading support, business reading partners and Year 6 Residential.

For pupils with disabilities and/or special educational needs – special speech and language therapy, speech and language groups, full time support, medical needs training, advice and support, visual timetables, access to laptop, inclusive lunchtime play provision, outreach work from specialist school for autistic children, therapeutic input, friendship group, independent management of hearing aids, audiology equipment, care plans, liaison with cochlear implant team, input from children with disabilities social work team, daily home-school communication books, parents’ group, additional transport home, British sign language interpreter for parents, additional teaching outside school hours, transition visits to appropriate secondary schools.

Last updated August 25, 2022