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About the Academy Council

Our school is part of The Paradigm Trust allowing us to make key decisions at a trust level which is of paramount importance to our school. This means we are always consulted on decisions that have a direct impact upon Culloden Academy.

The Academy Council acts very much like a communication and advisory body, which represents pupils, parents and carers interests.  A designated Director of the Trust, a Link Director, is invited to attend meetings to ensure there is a two-way communication between the Council and the Trust.

The formation of the Academy Council has many positive benefits including increased parental engagement within the school.  Our meetings are designed to be less formal and discuss topics which are specific to the needs of our school at more convenient times for both working and non-working parents.

The Academy Council members

Hassan Aden (Chair)

I look forward to challenging and encouraging Culloden to become a school that embraces, promotes, and instils in every child a Growth Mindset, an idea developed by Dr Carol Dweck. I want every child, regardless of their academic performance, to learn to challenge themselves, embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process, value the importance of effort, and understand they can (‘grow their brain’) develop and improve their intelligence and learning. This mindset change will not only help the children to achieve now, with the school, but also in their future education and later as adults. 

Anton Chambers (Vice Chair)

I am very pleased to have been elected to the Academy Council and look forward to working with the Headteacher and my fellow council members. I am passionate about my son’s education and general development, so I had always wanted to join the Academy Council at some stage. 

I believe Culloden is a fantastic place for our children to learn, enjoy themselves and develop as productive members of their communities, so I look forward to making my own very small contribution to school life

Sultana Siddiki

Giving something back to the community especially where young children are involved is very important to me. I believe if we work together we can support children and their parents or carers to overcome any barriers so that children can meet their full potential in education and all aspects of their development.

I would like to be the voice for all parents, help them engage more, work in collaboration to make them feel they are in partnership in making school a happy and a safe place for all children where they will learn, develop and grow with solid foundation to prepare themselves for the real world.

Mohammed Rahman

It is a pleasure to serve a second term as an Academy Councillor championing the views of yourselves to ensure the betterment of the school so the best possible education can be provided to the children. 

I have lived in Tower Hamlets all my life and have previously served as a Governor in other schools within the borough so understand the needs of the parents of the community and what this role entails. 

My day job is being a Finance Director for a large London based University. I am also a Director for a company that provides housing services to the north of England, and I am a consultant to the middle east.

Monzo Ara Khaton

This is the third time I have had the opportunity to serve as an Academic School member. I like to work for children, women and elderly people. Roles are important to me not just because I’m a parent but because I firmly believe that every child deserves an outstanding education.

With equal access to knowledge, skills and opportunities, I look forward to implementing changes and creating a safer and schooling is a healthy learning environment for all our children. I hope to use my role effectively to support each student and parent/carer with any concerns they may have. Culloden Primary School has done a fantastic job of giving the children these experiences and tools.

Tahreena Ward – Principal
Jeff Martin – Link Director
Last updated December 13, 2023