Our admissions policy is fair, inclusive and open.

If there are more applications than places, the following criteria for priority will apply;

  1. Children looked after by a local authority
  2. Children whose acute medical and social needs justify the allocation of a place in the school – supporting professional evidence is required
  3. Children with brothers/sisters at the school at the time of the proposed admission. Brothers/sisters must live at the same address as the child for whom the application is being made. This includes half, step and foster brothers/sisters who live at the same address.
  4. Applicants living nearest to the school as measured in a straight line on a map or GIS computerised mapping system.

Nursery Admissions: starting Nursery in 2021/22:

If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 and you would like a nursery place for September 2021, you must apply online by clicking here.  

Reception Admissions: starting Reception in 2021/22:

If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 then you will need to apply for a reception place, even if your child is already attending Nursery at the school. You can do this by clicking here.


You have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel if your application for a place at Culloden Primary School is unsuccessful. Classes are only allowed to have 30 pupils. The appeal panel has limited powers in these cases and it is unlikely an appeal will be successful for reception and years 1 and 2. Appeals must be received with 21 days. Please contact pupil services by telephoning 020 7364 5006 or the school administration office for an appeal form and guidance notes.

Last updated December 3, 2020