“All summer my child spoke about the teachers and wanting to go to school. Not phased at all by being separated from me. I can’t praise the foundation team enough. Well done and thank you.”

“The CPSFS summer provision allowed for children to very quickly become familiar with their new teachers. Allowed for the children to explore their new surroundings, play and explore at their own comfort level. Enabled children to experience the routine of the day, through song, learning days of the week, weather and how to manage when they needed the toilet. Allowed for parents to feel at ease as they were an integral part of settling the children in and building the children up to the dreaded separation. Set important foundations for the children who knew what to expect in September and expectations from them (in an informal way).”

“The team who deferred their well deserved summer break so the cohort of new children could settle with ease during a difficult transitional period (not only for child but parent too). Have done a fantastic job settling the children.”

“I have been amazed and overwhelmed as I watched the Culloden foundation stage staff become an important part of my child’s life so quickly. The team demonstrated professionalism alongside caring, compassionate and a real understanding of each child’s individual needs.”

“Since the beginning of term, I have watched my child run into nursery with excitement and ready to start her day. I did not expect this as she had only turned three at the end of August. She is one of the youngest at the nursery and also never attended nursery or child care provision before.”

“I think the school is great and fine. I like that they provide resources for the students and they have good teaching lessons in every year group.’ Parent of pupil in enquiry group

“I like the school and head and management and I would like to say thanks to everyone for helping my child.’ Parent of Y1 pupil

“When we have had problems we have always been able to talk to staff who have given us the support and help that we needed.”

Last updated August 25, 2022