We know that beginning Nursery is a big step for children – and parents! But with a little bit of preparation and some understanding about what’s going to happen, the process can go smoothly with a minimum of tears.

Before the big day

  • Talk to your child about what nursery will be like and let them know you’ll always be there to take them home at the end of the day.
  • If they’ve never been separated from you before, start separation times so they are able to understand you’ll always come back. It will make the
  • Bring them to our toddler group – it’s a great chance for them to get to know the staff and make friends.
  • Make sure they’re not having a bottle, using dummies, riding in buggies or wearing nappies. Children should be dressing independently, putting on their own shoes and clothes (including a coat or jacket) and practicing fastening buttons and zips.
  • By the age of three children shouldn’t be having daytime naps – get them into the habit of sleeping 12-13 hours, from 7.00pm – 7.00am or 8.00am otherwise the nursery routine may confuse or disorientate them otherwise.
  • Your child should be able to go to the toilet alone. If they’re still wearing a nappy you need to train them – they will not be accepted in the nursery if they are still wearing nappies unless it’s for medical reasons.

The first few days

To help your child settle in you’ll stay and share their first day. Then on the second day they’ll be apart from you for short periods of time while you stay at school. We find the settling in period takes around three days, though every child takes a different amount of time. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Helping at home

To give your child the best possible start it’s essential you work with your child at home to help them learn and grow. There are many ways which you can do this such as:

  • Reading or telling stories to your child, it’s one of the most important things you can do to improve their development.
  • Drawing lots of pictures with them and helping them start shaping their letters. (Don’t teach them to write in capitals though.)
  • Talking to them in English.
  • Taking them on lots of experiences out and about, and discussing with them what they can see and hear.

Practical information

Your child will need a Culloden book bag; these can be bought from the admin office. Inside is a pack with reading words, writing exercises and number and shape games which you can do with your child at home. The bag will be used to take their reading books to and from school every Tuesday and Friday.

Nursery runs from 9.00am – 3.00pm, while Reception is 8.55am – 3.30pm. Your child is expected to attend every day, so if they’re ill please phone 020 7364 1010 to let us know. If they become unwell during the school day we will contact you and ask you to take them home.

Reception place

Having a nursery place doesn’t guarantee reception spot. To apply for one you’ll need to fill in a separate application form. All places are allocated by local authority.

Full-time children have lunch in the hall so children need to be able to eat independently using cutlery, and be able to drink from cups. Our kitchen is halal-certified and our nursery staff make sure children eat their lunch. Fruit and water is available for children throughout the day.

We strongly encourage the wearing of the Culloden school uniform in nursery. It’s inexpensive, practical and comfortable, and it helps separate home from school. Shoes of course should be sensible and safe to run and play in. To avoid losing uniform please make sure every bit of clothing has your child’s name in it.

Last updated June 29, 2023