Pupil article | July 18, 2022

Culloden Primary – a Y6 pupil’s point of view

In Year 6, pupils at Culloden have the opportunity to work as an intern in school. They are assigned a real job and are supervised by a member of staff. This year, Y6 pupil, Shubhi Naik, has tried out writing for the website and shares her thoughts about life in Y6 below:

Y6 has been a lovely experience for my peers and I. We learnt a lot together and all our teachers, staff and the whole school was working to make us feel comfortable in our environment. 

Our teachers prepared us for the SATs amazingly, and most of my classmates can agree with me on this one, when the ‘Dreaded exam’ rolled in, it was just like another regular practice paper. 

Now that I am soon to leave Y6, and the whole school in fact, I think back to all the wonderful experiences I have had here, and all the incredible opportunities Culloden has given me. I feel very emotional that I must leave, and promise myself that I will never put Culloden behind me, and will always have it in my mind.

Shubhi Naik – Ross’s class  

We wish Shubhi and her classmates all the very best in Y7 and beyond.

Last updated July 18, 2022