At Culloden Primary Academy we believe positive mental health and wellbeing is key to successful learning.

We know that everyone faces pressures which can affect their wellbeing and so we work hard to support the mental health of staff and pupils, raise awareness of mental health issues and overcome stigma in our local community.

We provide all our teachers and support staff with training so they can understand, identify and respond to the emotional needs of pupils. This includes laying the groundwork for managing anxiety in the classroom, a practice which came into its own when pupils were able to return to school after the long Covid lockdown. 

Every child is different, and has different ways of learning and expressing themselves, so the exact way in which we support pupils varies is bespoke, depending on their age, needs and preferences. We employ learning mentors to give extra support for pupils who have additional emotional needs, and we also enlist external specialist services such as the Tower Hamlets Education Wellbeing Service to support our most vulnerable pupils and families with complex needs. 

There is no doubt the importance of mental health has been pushed into the spotlight by the coronavirus pandemic. However, even outside the current circumstances, we know to achieve sustained success it is essential to have a school that is healthy and balanced for us all, and maintaining this will remain one of our top priorities.

Last updated August 25, 2022