In England, it is estimated that 14.6% of all pupils have a Special Educational Need (SEN). Many of these children and young people, particularly those with complex SEN needs, too often end up outside mainstream education, despite parents/carers and the children themselves having a strong preference for effective inclusion. Culloden Primary Academy is an inclusive school – we make sure every child has every chance to receive a good education, whatever their circumstances.

A major part of our provision for children with SEN at Culloden Primary is our Deaf Support Base which has accelerated the progress of many children with hearing difficulties, allowing them to achieve academic results in line with their mainstream peers. Led by Alison Ingram, our Assistant Principal and SENCO, the base is staffed with fully qualified and trainee Teachers of the Deaf, and together they can help any pupil with moderate to full hearing loss. In addition to this our school adopts a total communication policy approach using Sign Supported English, (based on British Sign Language), and we work closely with specialist outreach professions such as speech and language therapists to achieve the best results. All this has resulted in an Outstanding School status from OFSTED.

We also have numerous measures in place to support children with other needs, and our ‘person centred’ approach to education ensures parents/carers and pupils are consulted and collaborated with throughout their time at our school. We create a safe, affirming and consistent environment for children with SEN, and provide activities which promote social skills and emotional development.

Outside experts are regularly brought in to boost the support we give to our SEN pupils, most notably from the Phoenix School, a specialist school which shares our philosophy and has years of experience in delivering first class SEN education.

We believe that our pragmatic, integrated and inclusive approach to SEN provision is the best way to offer value to the communities we serve. By encouraging adults and children with a wide range of needs to work and play together, we can promote tolerance and understanding.
If you would like to find out more about SEN provision at Culloden Primary Academy, please contact Charlotte Baker on 020 7364 1010 to discuss it.

Last updated August 25, 2022