Our Uniform

We encourage that all pupils at CPA have a sense of belonging and that they are able to fully understand and demonstrate our school values of Integrity, Excellence and Community. Wearing the appropriate school uniform will enable your child to have a sense of belonging as well as embodying the school values.

Hoodies or sportswear is not deemed as appropriate school uniform. Hoodies are fine to wear in the playground but your child will be asked to take off their hoodie whilst in class. If your child comes to school dressed in sportswear when it is not their PE day, then you shall be called to bring in their uniform.

School Uniform:

Navy blue sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper
White polo shirt, shirt or blouse
Navy blue, black or grey trousers
Navy blue, black or grey skirt
Navy blue, black or grey pinafore
Plain black shoes

PE Uniform

Navy blue or black t shirt (no logos)
Navy blue or black shorts, leggings or tracksuit (no logos)
Black trainers or plimsolls (no logos)

Your child is permitted to wear their PE kit on the day they have PE but they must bring in their uniform to change into, after their PE lesson. We do not want pupils to be sat in sweaty PE kits after a 2 hour PE lesson. This is unhygienic and uncomfortable for your child. Please ensure your child brings in their uniform on the day they have PE.

All of these items can be bought from local supermarkets, high street shops or other outlets at reasonable prices.
A book bag with the school logo costs £7.00 and can be purchased from the school administration office.


Your child is not permitted to wear makeup (mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, blusher, fake eyelashes, eye liner) to school and in the instance they do attend with makeup on, pupils will be asked to remove their makeup and parents/carers will be informed. This is also the case for nail varnish and fake/false nails.


Jewellery is considered to be any form of adornment to the body, which is not clothing. Stud earrings are permitted but not dangly or large earrings in order to maintain their health and safety. Studs must be taken out or covered for PE and swimming lessons.

Last updated November 28, 2023