Academy Council | November 11, 2021

Our Academy Council

Following the recent academy council nominations, we are pleased to announce that the following five applicants have been elected to serve as Academy Council members for a 2 year term of office:

  • Khalid Miah
  • Mohammed Rahman
  • Yuting Wang (Jenny)
  • Sucheta Ashish
  • Monzo Ara Khatun

Please visit our Academy Council Pages to learn more.

General | November 9, 2021

INSET day – reminder

General | November 9, 2021

School Photos

General | November 8, 2021

Children in Need 2021

General | November 5, 2021

Food Super Hero Campaign

Our catering company, Chartwells, are running a campaign up until Christmas to encourage more pupils to eat school dinners. Please see the details below.

General | November 2, 2021

Nursery and Reception Applications 2022

General | November 1, 2021

Extra-curricular clubs – November 2021

Clubs running from 8th November 2021:

MondayArt Club, Multi-Sports Club & Football Club (Y4 &Y5)
TuesdayICT Club, Drama Club (Y3-Y6) & Football Club (Y2 & Y3)
WednesdayArt Club
ThursdayICT Club, Athletic Club, Musical Theatre Club (Y3 – Y6) and Chess Club (Y4 & Y5)
FridayFilm Club, Karate Club (Y5 only), Football Club (Y6 only), Code Club (Y3 – Y6), Dance Club (Y3 – Y6) & Homework Club (Y1 – Y6)

Sign ups letters will go out on Tuesday 2nd November 2021. Deadline for sign ups Friday 5th November 2021 at 9am.

General | October 19, 2021

Letter to Y6 parents/carers

Teaching | October 16, 2021

Religious Education

With religion and beliefs becoming more visible in public life locally, nationally and internationally it’s important that children learn about them and understand them.

Studying these subjects also allows us as a school opportunities to promote an ethos of respect for others, challenge stereotypes and build an understanding of other cultures and beliefs. This in turn contributes to promoting a positive and inclusive ethos at Culloden that champions democratic values and human rights.

Religious Education actually has no statutory curriculum, so Paradigm Trust has formed our current curriculum by taking the best parts of the Tower Hamlets syllabus and the Suffolk syllabus (the two authorities which Paradigm schools fall under), combining them in a way which reflects our ethos and values.

We teach RE systematically, so children learn about each of the chosen religions – Christianity, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism – twice in their primary career. The first time we establish their initial knowledge, then build on what they’ve learnt when we revisit it later.

To ensure the children make progress there is a different focus in each year. For example, Year 2 looks at how and why the religions celebrate festivals, and in Year 5 they will explore what it means to follow a certain religion in Britain today. This way there is no repetition when children revisit the religion and we can keep it fresh and interesting.

We take a ‘whole school’ approach to teaching religion, which means every year group studies the same religion at the same time. This evokes a great sense of community in the whole school; siblings from different year groups can discuss the same issues at home – albeit at different depths. When festivals come around the entire school can take part in the celebrations.

RE is a very artefact-rich subject so we make sure to use items from the religion, such as Bibles, kippahs and patkas, to enhance the children’s learning. We also arrange for external parties from different religions to come in and run workshops, so the children can enjoy a range of experiences as they learn.

We also go out and explore religion in our community by taking a visit to a different place of worship every year. This way they will have experienced a workshop on every religion, and visited every place of worship too by the end of Year 6.

RE provokes challenging questions, encouraging pupils to explore their own beliefs, enabling pupils to develop respect and understanding for others and prompting them to consider their rights and responsibilities to society, and helps them understand themselves.

School newsletters | October 15, 2021

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